How to Remove Henna Stains From Carpet

Henna is used to colour hair, for artistic design on the skin and can be worn as a natural deodorant. The leaves, juice and flower oil are used from the henna plant for each of these tasks. Henna can stain carpet if the liquid form of the plant is spilt or dropped while handling. Learning how to remove henna stains from carpet can keep your carpet clear of stains.

Warm milk in a microwave or on the stove top. The amount of milk depends on the size of the stain. Use enough milk to cover the entire stain when poured onto the carpet.

Pour the warm milk completely over the henna stain in the carpet. Let the milk sit on the stain for at least thirty minutes. Do not scrub the carpet with the milk.

Wash the henna stain and milk with a mixture of one part detergent and three parts water. Rub the detergent into the carpet gently with a clean, white cloth.

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