Noise Level in Dishwashers

Dishwashers have got quieter over the years, and many new models promise to be so quiet homeowners won't even know they're running. There are no industry guidelines for noise levels in dishwashers, but some manufacturers publish a rating that can guide consumers to a quieter model.

Homeowners can also take steps to lower the noise level of their dishwashers.

Measuring the Noise Level

Some dishwasher manufacturers measure the noise levels of their appliances using the sone scale, which gauges the perception of noise volume and the annoyance level of sounds. The quietest dishwashers are ranked at 4 sones.

Sudden Onset of Dishwasher Noise

If your dishwasher suddenly starts making a new noise, inspect the bottom of the interior after the wash cycle is finished and the dishes have cooled. Silverware, small plastic items and even fruit pits can become lodged in the pump openings.

Thumping Noise

If your dishwasher makes a thumping noise as it is filling with water, it may need a new inlet valve. Replacing the inlet valve requires basic plumbing and electrical skills.

Easy Noise Prevention

Improperly loaded dishes can cause dishwasher noise. Check your owner's manual for loading recommendations. Periodically make sure your dishwasher is level, and adjust the levelling feet underneath it if necessary.