How to Make a Kitchen Countertop Shine

Chris Clinton/Lifesize/Getty Images

The kitchen is often the busiest room in the house and also can be the messiest. Food and drink spills are an inevitable, and everything ends up on the countertops. Over time, countertops become dull and worn looking. Furniture polish will bring back the shine, but isn't practical in areas used for food preparation.

Alternatively, use club soda to bring back the shine. The effervescent property in club soda will temporarily shine countertops made of most materials.

Clear the kitchen countertop of appliances, storage containers and other elements and wipe away any crumbs or food debris with a damp cloth.

Pour club soda onto an absorbent cleaning cloth. Do not soak the cloth, otherwise you will have to clean up another spill. Just make the thoroughly cloth damp.

Buff the countertop with the cloth using small, circular movements. The effervescent property in the club soda will produce a sparkling shine on any countertop surface.

Continue until the countertop regains a shiny finish.