How to convert price per square meter to price per square foot

Some services and products have a price based on the area, rather than a fixed price or by the time the job takes. This is common with businesses such as cleaning services or painters. Some services and products use the International System of Units and advertise the price per square meter.

This price would need to be converted to the price per square foot to determine the total cost for an area measured in square feet.

Simplify the price to the price per a single square meter. This is done by dividing the given price by the given number of square meters. For example, if the price is £65 per ten square meters, it would be reduced to £6 per square meter.

Divide the price per square meter by 10.764. This gives the price per square foot. The price per square foot should be significantly lower than the price per square meter.

Multiply the price per square foot by the area the service or product will cover. This will give the total price for that product or service. Price per square foot should only be multiplied by an area in square feet.