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How to Make a Darth Maul Costume

Updated June 09, 2017

Darth Maul was the apprentice of Darth Sidious in "Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace." He was a silent Zabrak from the planet of Iridonia. His species is similar to humans in appearance, but are bald with red skin and horns. Darth Maul also has elaborate black tattoos on his face. His clothing is based on a similar design to traditional Samurai undergarments.

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  1. Spray-paint the bald cap black. Wait 30 minutes for the spray paint to dry.

  2. Attach the horns to the bald cap using spirit gum. A good reference image for the location of the horns can be found in the Resources section of this article.

  3. Put the bald cap with horns on your head. Be sure to tuck your hair inside.

  4. Paint the red markings onto your face using the red face paint. The reference image in the Resource section of this article shows a close-up of Darth Maul's face pattern.

  5. Paint the rest of your face, neck, and ears with the black face paint.

  6. Put on the black keikogi. This is the top part of the traditional uniform worn in Kendo. This can be found at any Kendo supplier and some martial arts stores. A good substitute for this would be a karate gi top. The next best option is a long sleeve black shirt with no collar.

  7. Put on the hakama trousers. This is the bottom half of the traditional Kendo uniform. This will give the illusion of wearing robes. The best alternative to this would be an ankle length black skirt. Ideally, the skirt would need to be a similar material to the shirt used for the costume.

  8. Put on the black boots and gloves. Leather or pleather gloves and boots will look the best with this costume, but any purely black gloves and boots will work.

  9. Tie the black sash around your waist.

  10. Tip

    Darth Maul wears robes, which is one continuous garment that covers his entire body. The cost to actually make this kind of robe would be far more expensive than purchasing clothing that gives a similar appearance. The Kendo uniform is the best analogue because both pieces are made from the same material and have a similar cut and style to Darth Maul's robes. The sash around the waist would cover the fact they are two different pieces. If using other clothing, like a karate gi top, long sleeve shirt, or skirt, try to make sure the top and bottom half are made from similar looking materials, if possible. A mass produced uniform costs less to purchase than a consumer would pay for the quantity of fabric needed to make it. It is far more economical and time-efficient to purchase this part of the costume than attempt to make it.

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Things You'll Need

  • Black keikogi, karate gi, or long sleeve shirt
  • Black hakama trousers or skirt
  • Black sash
  • Black boots
  • Black gloves
  • Red and black face paint
  • Bald cap
  • Black spray paint
  • 10 prosthetic horns
  • Spirit gum

About the Author

Matthew Anderson started as a writer and editor in 2003. He has written content used in a textbook published by Wiley Publishing, among other publications. Anderson majored in chemical engineering and has training in guitar performance, music theory and song composition.

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