How to unblock ears

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A blocked ear can cause discomfort and even effect balance. It creates an uneasy feeling that makes the sufferer crave instant relief. Blocked ears are fairly common and can be treated quite easily. There are both conventional and natural methods for unblocking ears.

Yawn or swallow really hard. For simple ear blockages, this usually does the trick. These actions both stimulate the muscles and open the ears. You can also get the same effect by holding your nose, closing your mouth and blowing.

Take a half-cup of warm water and mix it with a teaspoon of salt. Take a small quantity of the mixture and pour it into your palm.

Inhale the mixture through your nose while keeping your mouth closed. Turn your head from side to side and this should unblock the ears.

Take two garlic cloves and heat them in sesame oil. Let the oil cool slightly and place a few drops in your ear. Take a soft cloth and hold it over the ear and lie down with the covered ear facing the ground. This will help clear the ear and fight infection.

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