How to Make the Leaning Tower of Pisa Out of Food

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is such a unique and beautiful sight to behold. Why not make a model out of food? You could use many types of foods, as long as you could form the substance to the shape.

Re-creating the details of the tower--the levels, the columns, the lean--will make this a fun and creative project for the whole family.

Form the Rice Krispies treat mixture to the shape of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and put the shape on a plate or tray.

Carve off part of the bottom to make the tower lean. Do this before putting on the fondant or icing so the tower is less sticky to work with. Spread your fondant or icing over the entire tower form. Make sure that the surface is smooth.

Paint the tower with the colours you want for the columns, doorways and details. Use a different brush and dish for each colour. Food paint is 1 tbsp of light Karo syrup to 1 drop of food colouring. More drops of food colouring deepen the colour.