How to buy cotton flowers

Are you looking for something special and unique to put on display in your home? Cotton flowers, once picked, do not really "die," which just adds to the many uses for this amazing, all-natural material. It is such an interesting plant and is sure to create a cosy, warm and intriguing display.

But finding such a plant for purchase in this raw state may prove to be a little easier said than done.

Find cotton flowers by starting with your local florist. Ask if any of their vendors offer cotton flowers, and if so find out whether you can make special orders.

Find a farm that grows cotton and ask if they sell to the general public. It can't hurt to offer to cover the shipping and handling.

Peruse your local craft stores or call ahead and ask whether they have dried cotton flowers for sale. Ask a sales associate for help locating them when you get there.

Find cotton flowers online and order them through a website that specialises in dried flowers.

Get cotton from a southern state such as Arkansas or South Carolina. Take a road trip to a cotton farm and take a tour, then purchase some cotton in the gift shop. Take the time to learn about cotton so you can share stories about your adventures with your friends when they comment on your unique flower arrangement.