How to Draw a Street Lamppost

A street lamppost is a very simple object to draw. Lampposts are something we look at everyday when we walk down the sidewalk or drive down the street. One of the most famous lampposts can be found in the Narnia stories, specifically "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

" This lamppost is the landmark that reminds the children how to return to their home world. As a result of its prominence in this story, a lamppost has a whimsical look. Drawing a lamppost is a moderately easy task.

Place a blank piece of paper on a flat surface. Make sure that your pencil is sharpened. The first thing you should draw is the light on the lamppost. The exact shape of the light is up to you, but generally, a lamppost light is the shape of an upside-down egg (wider at the top, smaller at the bottom). Draw this shape somewhere near the top of the page.

Take out a ruler and place it on the paper. At the bottom of the light, you need to draw two straight lines coming from the bottom of it. They need to be long and parallel, stretching almost to the bottom of the page. Use the ruler to keep your pencil line straight.

Draw the final touches on the lamppost after you've completed the light and the post. Start by drawing a base at the bottom of the post. Either connect the two lines with one simple line, or draw an oval, or decorative shape, to represent the base. At the other end, give the light a little cap on top. This can be a simple triangle, or you can attempt a more ornate design. To signify the light emanating from the lamppost, draw either straight lines shooting out in all directions from the outside of the light or draw a series of curved lines all around the light (like a cluster of parentheses).