How to Seal Corian Countertops

Corian® countertops are a solid surface material that resists scratching, is nearly impervious to staining and can be designed to fit nearly any shape or kitchen or bathroom application.

While it isn't necessary to seal a Corian® countertop for stain resistance (because it isn't porous), it can be helpful to seal a Corian® countertop to enhance its finish.

Clean the countertop thoroughly using Deep Cleaner for DuPont Corian®. DuPont suggests this product for stubborn stain removal or optimum cleaning. Before sealing your countertop, it is best to have the countertop as clean as possible. You do not want to trap debris or stains under the sealant.

Rinse thoroughly using distilled water, and dry immediately with a towel. Distilled water will not deposit minerals and leave spots on the countertop. When you dry the countertop immediately, you prevent other water spotting, as well.

Soak one end of a lint-free polishing rag with Countertop Magic®, and polish and seal the countertop. This type of polish is used to enhance the surface gloss, since many Corian® countertops have a matt, semi-gloss or unevenly glossy surface.