How to kill a wasp nest

Wasps and similar insects can infiltrate your property during the summer months. Wasps may nest in a tree, on the side of your house or underneath a gutter. They also can create a nest in the ground.

It is wise to get rid of these nests because wasp stings can be extremely painful and very dangerous for people allergic to them. You must be careful when killing a wasp nest, however, or you could be stung severely.

Fill a bucket with water. The bucket must be big enough for the wasp nest to be submerged.

Put one plastic bag inside the other to create a double bag.

Prick a small hole or two through both bags so that the bags are not air tight.

Wear proper clothing. Put on long trousers, a long-sleeved shirt, gloves, a hat and a veil to protect your ears, neck and face.

Go to the wasp nest after the sun has set. At that time of day, there should be a minimal number of wasps flying around the nest. Take the double bag and bucket of water with you.

Place the double bag over the wasp nest and quickly tie the bag shut. This is done by tying a knot at the top of the double bag.

Pull the nest down immediately after you tie the double bag shut.

Put the double bag into the bucket of water.

Place a weight, such as a rock or paperweight, onto the bag so that the nest is fully submerged in water.

Cover the bucket with a lid, cling film or similar cover so that the bucket is sealed.

Leave the bucket covered overnight.

Fill a bucket with a cup of liquid washing powder and warm water. The bucket must be large enough to cover the ground wasp nest fully.

Wear proper clothing. Wear long trousers, a long-sleeved shirt, gloves, a hat and a veil to protect your ears, neck and face.

Wait until the sun has set then take the bucket full of water to the ground wasp nest.

Flip the bucket over the ground wasp nest so the nest is fully covered.

Leave the bucket over the nest for about one week.

Repeat this process once or twice to ensure the wasps are killed.

Cover the ground wasp nest with soil after you've killed all the wasps.