How to buy switchblade knives

Made popular during the James Dean era of films, the switchblade knife carries a mystique that can be alluring. Unfortunately, owning a switchblade can land you in hot water with the authorities, as they are illegal in many places in the United States.

Because of these restrictions, it can often be challenging to find a switchblade for sale, and when found, the price is often high for the same reason.

Check the laws. This point simply cannot be stressed enough. Before you begin looking at where to buy a switchblade knife, check the statutes for both your state and municipality.

Browse local sporting-goods and hunting-supply stores. If switchblades are legal in your area, a good bet for finding one locally may be a store that sells a selection of quality knives. If the stores do not carry them, they may be able to direct you to a vendor that does.

Check online auction sites. If you cannot find a switchblade locally, an online auction site might be the best place to find one at a reasonable price. Sites based in other countries may be a good source. For instance, switchblades are still popular in Italy, so a site based there may carry them. The shipping fees may be a bit pricey but still might be cheaper than trying to buy a switchblade domestically.

Order a catalogue from knife wholesalers. Some companies act as wholesalers for various knife manufacturers, and they often supply free catalogues. Such companies may have switchblades available.

Buy a switchblade-knife kit. In most states it is legal to sell or own the components of a switchblade knife, even if the finished product is prohibited. So, in many cases, it is possible to get a do-it-yourself switchblade kit.