How to Apply for a Home Makeover on TV

Who wouldn't love a home makeover? Most home owners would enjoy updating their humble abodes but few have the extra money needed to modernise their living space. Television reality shows offering home makeovers have attracted applicants from across the United States.

You can add your application for a free home makeover by following guidelines imposed by television stations which produce these reality shows.

Visit the links provided in the resource section at the bottom of this article. From there you can enter contests for TV home makeovers.

Read the contest rules to make sure you are eligible. There are usually many stipulations about who can participate. You don't want to go to the effort of filling out an application and producing an entry video if you are disqualified from participating.

Determine what is required from you in order to apply for the makeover. Some television shows simply request a completed application with information pertaining to your family, home, and why you believe you need or deserve a home makeover. Other shows may require a home video entry depicting why you and your family should be selected for a home makeover.

Follow the guidelines explicitly. If the rules say that creativity is encouraged in video or essay entries, by all means, come up with unique ways of showing how your family would benefit from a home makeover. Some TV shows are more strict with their application policy and limit the length of the application. When that is the case, it is advised that you include key points and important elements for determining why your home should be made over.

Adhere to deadlines. Television shows have strict deadlines they must impose in order to complete productions in time for broadcasting. For this reason, no entries received after the imposed deadline will be accepted. Make sure that your application is completed and submitted within the timeline for the specific television show you are applying to.