How to Store Mattresses in Your Garage

Mattresses are pricey investments. They can cost several thousand dollars, and people typically spend hours or even days finding the perfect mattress. A mattress is so valuable that you may not want to simply throw it out or sell it if you do not currently need it.

By properly storing a mattress in your garage, it will preserve your mattress and continue to bring you years of use after it's removed from storage.

Remove all the sheets, mattress comforters, mattress protectors and pads from the mattress. It is best to store the mattress without anything on it.

Make sure the garage is in a proper condition to store your mattress. The most optimal storing conditions for mattresses include a dark and dry place with no sunlight or moisture. You may need to purchase a dehumidifier if you fear the garage has too much moisture in the air.

Cover the mattress completely with a plastic sheet. Wrap the plastic sheet around the mattress, and be sure that all parts of the mattress are covered.

Prop the mattress on it's end in the garage during short-term storage. For temporary or short-term storage (less than 4 months), a mattress can be propped on it's end during storage. If you do not want the mattress to touch the garage floor, prop it up on blocks of wood or place an additional tarp underneath the mattress.

Lay the mattress flat in the garage during long-term storage. It is best to store the mattress lying flat for long-term storage so that the mattress doesn't collapse. Place a sheet tarp or sheet underneath the mattress before you store it to avoid any possible damage from the concrete floor. If possible, do not stack mattresses on top of each other. Of course, if you do not have enough space in your garage to store the mattress flat, then return to step 4.