How to Make a Phone Tree Using Microsoft Excel

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Phone trees are a way to reach large numbers of people quickly. It works like a pyramid scheme; if an emergency or other time-sensitive event occurs, the person at the top of the tree calls the people below them and those people call the people below them.

Within a short period of time, thousands of people can be reached and informed about the event. Microsoft Excel has a built in Smart Art feature than can create a telephone tree in minutes.

Click "Insert" and then click "Smart Art" from the illustrations group.

Click "Hierarchy" and then click "Organizational chart."

Click "OK" to insert the graphic into your spreadsheet.

Click on the top box and then type the name and phone number for the person at the top of the tree. Click "x" at the top right when you are finished typing.

Complete the rest if the tree by clicking on each box and then filling in names and phone numbers.