How to Hang Flower Baskets on Fences

Add a splash of colour and decorative interest to any fence by installing hanging flower baskets along the fence line. Hanging flower baskets onto an existing fence adds curb appeal to the home and also gives gardeners with disabilities an easy way to care for their favourite flower by growing them at a higher level.

This simple project is easily done within a weekend day, or whenever you have a spare two to three hours.

Measure the length of the fence line with a measuring tape. Determine if you want the flower baskets evenly spaced along the entire fence line, or bunched together in one certain spot.

Mark the locations on the fence where you wish the flower baskets to hang with a pencil. At each pencil mark, measure from the top of the fence down to where you want the flower basket, and place a pencilled X on the spot. Use this same measurement for each pencilled mark for a uniform display.

Put on a pair of gloves. Twist screw hooks into each pencil-marked X on the fence, using your hands. Make sure the screw hook point does not come through the other side of the fence.

Install decorative brackets for hanging flower baskets for an added decorative look. Hold the bracket up against the fence, over the X-marked locations. Mark the fence through the bracket's predrilled holes with a pencil.

Drill small pilot holes on the pencil marks with a drill bit. Take care not to go through the fence wood. Use a screwdriver to screw the included hardware into the pilot holes, securing the decorative bracket to the fence.

Ready the hanging baskets by attaching the included hanging hardware to their correct positions. Refer to the included directions on how to attach the hanging material. Hanging baskets vary according to design, style and hardware for hanging.

Fill the flower baskets with potting soil, and plant the desired flowers. Hook the top of the flower basket's hanging hardware onto the decorative bracket or screw hook attached to the fence. Adjust the hanging material to the desired height of the gardener. Disabled people will benefit from a lower-hanging flower basket, making watering and fertilising easier.