How to Make a Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are the centre of attention at weddings. A traditional wedding cake is expensive and requires much planning and coordination. Instead, create a funky inexpensive wedding cake using Krispy Kreme doughnuts. It will be a unique addition to your wedding that will give guests something to talk about.

A doughnut cake is an emerging trend in weddings where couples want to be frugal but memorable. This article will explain how to make a two-tier Krispy Kreme wedding cake.

Prepare cake stand by placing the paper doily in the centre of each tier of the cake stand.

Place the doughnuts in a pyramid-like structure. Start with a ring of seven or eight doughnuts. Use buttercream icing to create a stronger structure. Spread icing on the doughnuts and stack more doughnuts on each layer as you work upward.

Divide the number of doughnuts in half and place them equally on both layers.

Complete the cake by placing the cake topper carefully on top of the doughnuts in the top layer of your doughnut cake.

Decorate the cake by tying ribbon around the doughnuts for a complete look. You can also place fresh or icing flowers around the cake for a traditional look.