How to get rid of faeces odour

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There are few things worse than walking into a room and having your nose assaulted with the smell of someone (or something's) fecal matter. Doing what you can to rid your home from the smell of faeces, while not a pleasant task, is actually quite simple.

All you need are a few cleaning products, some elbow grease and a pair of gloves. It is important to keep in mind that you don't want to mask the smell with perfumes; you want to remove it with the proper cleaning procedures.

Find the source of the smell. While the entire area you are in may smell like faeces, the smell has to be originating from a particular location. You may need to get on your hands and knees and smell along the floor until you find it.

Put the faeces in a plastic bag once you have located it. Make sure to wear your gloves.

Take the plastic bag to the bathroom and flush the faeces down the toilet. Throw the bag away once you are done. Simply throwing the bag full of faeces into an outdoor rubbish bin will move the smell from inside the home (or office or wherever you may be) and relocate it to another area.

Squirt some washing up liquid into your bucket.

Fill your bucket 2/3 of the way with hot water. You want the water to be hot, but not scalding. You will be dipping your hand into the hot water, so make sure it is tolerable.

Dip your first washcloth into soapy water and wring out any excess moisture.

Scrub any remaining faeces from the carpet, furniture, wall, or where ever you find it. Scrub back and forth, using heavy pressure. Repeat until there is no presence of fecal matter.

Wet your second washcloth with just water and wring out any excess moisture.

Wipe up any excess soap using your washcloth.

Apply odour remover (see Resources) to the area where the fecal matter was located. Dab up any excess moisture with your third wash cloth and allow to dry.

Squirt an odour eliminator, like Shake and Vac or Fabreze over the entire room in which the fecal matter was located. Make sure to apply to carpet, curtains or any other porous material.