How to adjust patio doors

Patio doors slide on wheels and straddle a track located at the bottom of the door. The wheels and track can be made of either a metal or plastic material, while the patio doors are constructed of a mixture of woods, plastics, glass and or metal materials.

Over time, the sliding door may roll unevenly, bounce, or come off the track. Using a screwdriver, make adjustments to fix a dysfunctional patio door. Most sliding doors feature an adjustment screw at the bottom of the door, near the wheels.

Locate the adjustment screws near the bottom of the patio door. A screw will be located near each wheel the door rolls on.

Determine what type of screwdriver is needed. A slotted screw will require a slotted screwdriver. A cross-slotted screw will need a Phillips screwdriver.

Place the tool against the adjustment screw, which may be built into the door.

Turn the screwdriver to adjust the height of the wheel. If the screw is hard to adjust, using a flat-headed prying bar to raise the door a little will help relieve some weight from the wheels underneath.

Roll the door along the track to ensure that the correct adjustment was made. Repeat the previous steps until the door is rolling smoothly.