How to keep spiders and insects out of your house

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Spiders and insects are resourceful creatures that will look for any way into your home. Insects come inside to seek shelter and food. This is a bigger problem in the summer since many insects enter suspended animation in the winter.

Infestation is not necessarily due to a dirty house, but can still cause embarrassment. A number of non-chemical methods repel and eliminate spiders and insects. Try one or all of these steps to remove the unwelcome guests.

Clean the dust out of your house to eliminate dust mites. Wash all soft linens, vacuum clean carpets frequently and add an air filter. Dust mites love to live in mattresses. Encase your mattress with an allergy cover to eliminate the infestation.

Seal the windows, floor tiles and add insulation around doors. Insects will come in any space they can find. Replace any window or door screens that have rips or tears.

Repair holes in kitchen and bathroom pipes. You may need to remove the cabinets, sinks and bathtub to look for any holes that are hidden.

Clean out your kitchen cabinets and remove any loose food particles. Keep kitchen counters clean and wash dishes immediately to prevent ants. Eat or discard overly ripe fruit, such as bananas. These are very attractive to fruit flies.

Vacuum up small insects that are concentrated in one area. These include ants, gnats or fruit flies. Vacuum up spider webs and dump the contents into a sealed bag.

Remove piles of debris or wood from near the house. Cut back shrubs to prevent them from touching your windows. This keeps the insects and spiders from using them as a bridge to your home.

Spray insect repellent or add a noise repellent devices. The latter are small machines plug into the wall and emit an ultrasonic noise that drives insects and spiders away. These are not detectable by humans.