How to make curtains for cupboards

In days before built-in kitchen cupboards, women fashioned curtains from flour sacks and fabric to hide dishes, canned goods and the general array of kitchen goods from plain view. Today, curtains add a charming touch of yesteryear to kitchen cupboards.

Curtains can be created in fabric of your choice or from vintage linens or tablecloths. Vintage trims can be used to embellish the fabric, or the curtains can be left plain and functional as in days gone by. With a sewing machine and selected fabric, your kitchen can have vintage charm as well as functioning curtains on your cupboards.

Measure each cupboard and purchase appropriate-sized tension rod(s).

Select the fabric.

Cut fabric 4 inches longer than desired length and double the cupboard width. Do this for each cupboard.

Hem, using a ½-inch seam allowance on all edges of the curtains.

Cut in half lengthwise.

Hem these two new raw edges. You now have two curtains for one cupboard tension rod.

Fold the top (either end at this point) over 2 inches, and sew, forming a casing for the tension rod.

Slip two curtains per cupboard onto the tension rod.

Install the tension rod.

Place cup hook beneath each tension rod for reinforcement.