How to Make a Captain Cook Costume

Captain James Cook was an accomplished British navigator who sailed extensively in the South Pacific. If you want to dress up like this famous explorer and captain, a few key clothing pieces will transform you into a master of the seas.

Buy a colonial-style, white wig. Look for one with a curly ponytail. Most of this will be covered by your captain's hat, so it's not necessary for the wig to be perfect.

Select a three-cornered hat. A fancy one with gold trim will add pizazz to your costume.

Buy a white, ruffled shirt, known as a jabot, and white vest that work well together.

Shop for a long, heavy, dark-coloured jacket with a high collar and brass buttons. According to Clockwork Couture, a fashion house that works to bring back styles from the Neo-Victorian era, the jacket is a key piece for your Captain Cook costume.

Find some white jeans or trousers. These should be fairly tight.

Buy a black sash or make one from a 4-inch wide strip of black vinyl long enough to wrap around your body from shoulder to hip.

Wear tall, black boots to look as if you're ready for exploration.

Assemble your props. A toy sword and telescope will make your costume complete.

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