How to Date a Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius the Archer is the zodiac sign of people who are born between Nov. 22 and Dec. 21. Sagittarian men can be a pleasure to get to know because they are generally happy, optimistic, fun-loving guys.

Dating one can be challenging, however, because they can also be hotheaded, impatient and have a fear of commitment. If you are dating a Sagittarian man, knowing more about the character traits of his sign can help you navigate your relationship.

Don't be too demanding. Sagittarians are easy-going, casual people who like to go with the flow. He might be late for dates or forget to call, but cut him some slack because at other times he will show up spontaneously to do something unexpected. If he keeps coming back, it means he's devoted to you, so be understanding about his inability to stick to a plan.

Be a good listener because Sagittarians love to talk. At first he'll want to show off for you by joking around to make you laugh or telling you stories of his adventures that he will often embellish for effect. If you keep listening, you'll put him at ease and he'll begin to reveal his deep, intellectual side.

Don't expect to be taken to fine restaurants or lavish events by a Sagittarius man too often. Expensive wining and dining is too extravagant for him and is not his way of romancing a lady. Taking you to fun, casual places, such as walks through the park, sporting events or amusement parks, are his way of showing you he enjoys being with you. If he does go out of his way to plan a special evening, be sure to let him know you appreciate his efforts.

Be willing to try new things. He has a lot of interests and hobbies and a love of adventure, and he'll want to share these things with you. If you're unwilling to try new things, or are a chronic complainer when you're out of your element, he'll quickly grow bored with you.

Understand that relationships can be hard for him. He wants someone to love and adore him, someone he can turn to and enjoy being with, but at the same time the idea of being tied down is frightening. Give him his space. A Sagittarian man won't be kept on a short leash, but if you offer him trust, freedom and flexibility, he will relax.

Set boundaries. Sagittarians need checks on their behaviour because they can be lax about responsibilities and commitments, and can often forget about your feelings when they're wrapped up in what they want to do. Don't nag, but don't be a pushover--you can stand up for yourself without putting him down. Give him leeway, but let him know where you draw your lines.