How to Dispose of a Mattress

Picking out a new mattress is an exciting experience, especially if you have had problems sleeping with your current worn out mattress. Once you get that new mattress, the issue of disposing of your old mattress arises.

This needn't be a hassle or headache as many local shelters and thrift stores will gladly take your mattress off your hands in exchange for a tax deduction.

Donate it. If your mattress is in fairly good shape, the best way to dispose of it would be to donate it. Contact your local Salvation Army or Good Will store to see if they'd be willing to take it. Other places you can donate your mattress to would be any homeless shelters, foster care facilities or battered women shelters in your area.

Recycle it. states that while not common-place just yet, many places are recycling mattresses by removing the springs and wood. Contact your local mattress shop to see if it recycles mattresses or knows of a place nearby that does.

Put it out with the trash. Leave the mattress on the curb with your weekly trash pickup. Waste management services can typically handle one large item per pickup without any extra charge.

If you are uncomfortable with leaving it on the curb or if the mattress is ridden with bed bugs or another affliction, you can take it to your local dump and drop off the mattress yourself.