How to Build a Horsefly Trap

The horsefly is a particularly nasty insect. Known for biting and biting hard, horseflies tend to be attracted to humans and domesticated animals such as horses, cattle and dogs. There is no mistaking a bite from a horsefly, and just one is one too many.

However, using a few household supplies, you can create an easy trap that attracts the flies and locks them in, leaving you and your animals to roam in peace.

Cut the top quarter of the soda bottle off. Be sure to cut a straight line around the diameter of the bottle, as you are going to need the top.

In the bottom portion of the plastic bottle, combine the sugar, syrup and vinegar. Add water to fill the bottom portion halfway. Use a spoon to stir the ingredients together, creating the bait.

Invert the top of the bottle and lay it inside the bottom, creating a funnel into the bait. Use duct tape to seal the two pieces together.

Place the trap in an area that is highly trafficked by horseflies.