How to Repair a Tear in a Trampoline Mat

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It's not unusual to find small holes in a trampoline mat, especially if it's always exposed to the sun and the changing weather. A trampoline can tear over time, and most trampoline mats need to be repaired after three to eight years. If you spot a tear in your mat, it should be repaired right away.

A small tear can lead to a big hole and result in an injury if not fixed.

Measure the size of the tear with a measuring tape or a ruler. If the tear is small, it can be patched, but you'll need to replace the mat if the tear is large.

Measure and cut two pieces of duct tape an inch larger than the tear.

Cover both sides of the tear with duct tape and apply enough pressure so the tape sticks to the mat.

Jump on the trampoline to see if the tape stays in place. If not, consider buying a patch repair kit.

Buy a trampoline mat patch repair kit. They are available for purchase online at sites like As of 2011, a kit costs £11.60.

Locate the tear on the trampoline mat and mark with a small piece of duct tape. This will make it easier for you to spot the hole.

Remove the mat from the trampoline by unhooking the springs. Pull the springs towards you to remove the mat from the frame.

Find the tear in the mat. Place the patch from the repair kit over it.

Sew the patch on the mat using a sewing machine and the provided thread. The instructions that come with the repair kit will recommend the best type of stitching to use.

Cut any excess material around the patch with a pair of scissors.

Re-attach the trampoline mat to the frame.