How to Empty a Portable Toilet

Portable toilets are widely used at construction sites, festivals and athletic events and for private use when camping or travelling in areas without access to a toilet with plumbing. Unlike flush toilets, portable toilets must be periodically emptied as they have a limited holding space for waste.

It is not an envious task, but one that must be done.

Check the level of the portable toilet periodically, so you know when it needs to be emptied and cleaned.

Empty the toilet when the liquid is visible near the top of the opening when you pull the "T" handle out (handle at the base of the toilet) to give view into the bottom tank. Also, empty and clean the toilet if it is not going to be used for several days or a longer period of time. Use the flush reservoir on top of the toilet to pump water into the toilet bowl.

Add toilet deodorant/disinfectant into the toilet through the opening at the base of the waste reservoir. Avoid pouring any toilet chemicals directly into the toilet bowl itself.

Pull the "T" lever again, this time to empty all water and waste into the bottom reservoir. Close this opening when that is accomplished.

Separate the toilet top and toilet bottom by unlatching them from the base of the toilet. Be sure that you have closed the bottom reservoir of the toilet before picking it up.

Take the portable toilet's waste reservoir to a dumping station, or empty it into a toilet. Empty the reservoir by unscrewing the cap located on the back. Rinse the reservoir completely after emptying. Add more toilet deodorant/disinfectant to sanitise and reduce any unpleasant odour.