How to make a gentle dog lead

Gentle Leader dog collars are speciality dog collars used in training dogs against jumping, barking, pulling, chewing and begging. These collars work with your dog's natural instincts and are a gentle method of training and walking dogs.

Gentle Lead dog collars employ the same design as "head collars" or collars that wrap around the dog's muzzle as well as neck. Making your own head collar is relatively simple.

Place the standard collar around your dog's neck as normal. Pull the collar directly up behind the ears so that it's sitting higher than usual.

Place the smaller collar securely around your dog's muzzle. Tighten this collar until it's firmly around the dog's muzzle, but don't tighten it so much that it cuts into the dog's skin or appears uncomfortable.

Lace the standard collar through the muzzle collar under the dog's chin, so that both collars function as one piece of equipment. The head collar should now look and function like a horse's bridle.

Attach your leash to the metal loop in the muzzle collar, so you're leading your dog by its nose. Walk your dog as normal.