How to download music from the internet onto your computer

There are millions of songs available for downloading on the internet. Whether you are using a program like iTunes or downloading directly from a free music website or blog, getting the music onto your computer is easy as one click.

Search for the artist or song you are interested in downloading. There are free music websites and outlets like iTunes and Amazon where you can buy tracks from artists from all over the world. Download the software you need for services like iTunes, Napster and Rhapsody to help organise your music library.

If you're using a proprietary software program like Rhapsody or iTunes, click the song title or the button that reads "Buy Now" to start the download process. The download may occur within the software or in a separate box; you will most likely see a progress bar on your screen.

Click the song title or artist link. In a browser, this will automatically download the song to a designated folder that can be changed in your internet preferences. This is the simplest way to download anything off the internet, including music.

Right click on the link and choose "Save Link As" if using Firefox. You can then specify where you would like to put the song. If you have a designated music folder, you may want to download the song there. If you already have tracks by that same artist, you may want to place it in that folder.

Right click on the link in internet Explorer and select "Save Target As." This will allow you to pick the destination of the song or album on your hard drive. Microsoft Explorer has a simpler interface than Firefox and you can quickly decide where you would like to put the folder for future use.

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