How to Dress Like a Madonna Fan for an 80s Party

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Madonna first became a major fashion and pop culture icon during the 1980s. She introduced young women to a whole new style that screamed independence and sexiness. Madonna began the layered look with sexy bodices, jackets, lace shirts, poofy skirts and lace or colourful leggings.

Madonna also adorned simple, black outfits with layers of accessories like pearls, jewels, big belts and bracelets galore. She adorned her big, messy hair with bows and she wore thick, dark make-up.

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Layer several tops together. Start with a sexy bodice, short shirt or colourful bra. Place a lace or oversized shirt with a wide collar on top. Finish off with a jewel-studded, jean jacket, men's suit jacket or cropped, black leather one.

Choose what Madonna-style skirt you want. Layered tulle, like those worn under a wedding dress, or a tight leather or stretchy mini skirt will do the trick. Pair with vibrant, opaque leggings if you are wearing a short or see-through skirt. Wear lacy leggings or rip up a pair of nylons after you put them on if your skirt fully covers you.

Accessorise with lots of bangle bracelets of various colours, black rubber bracelets, lace gloves, strings of pearls in various lengths, sparkly dangling earrings and big belts.

Wear bobby socks with a lace accent or keep your feet bare. Choose pointy-toed high-heeled pumps in black, red or white, studded boots or tennis sneakers.

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Spray temporary hair colour in tiny sections of your hair for colourful highlights. Crimp your hair with a crimping iron or tease it by taking sections of your hair and combing it in the wrong direction. Make your hair big by flipping the front and sides backward and upward. Spray your hair with a lot of hairspray to hold. Tie a lace or black ribbon on top of you head or off to the side for an added touch.

Apply dark eye shadow shades like dark browns and charcoals. Accent with beige or silver shadow to create highlights. Line your eyes, top lid and bottom, with black eyeliner in thick strokes. Apply foundation and powder to your face and under your eyes to clean up your smoky look. Apply two layers of black mascara, letting it dry in between coats.

Line your lips with red lip liner and fill in. Apply red lipstick over the liner to seal in colour and add moisture. Create a fake beauty mark above your lip by drawing a small circle with brown or black eyeliner.