How to join a waterfall into a preformed garden pond

Adding a waterfall feature to a garden pond can create many additional benefits for your water garden. The falling water can help to oxygenate the pond for fish and plants, while the sound of running water can be soothing to those who visit your water feature.

Additionally, a water feature can attract birds and other wildlife who appreciate the splashing sound, while creating a current that discourages mosquito larva from growing.

Locate the area in which your waterfall will run. If your preformed pond is built into a hillside, the hillside will provide a natural slope into which a waterfall may run. If you have no such hillside, create an artificial hillside.

Excavate the channel through which your waterfall will run in your hillside. If you have no natural slope to do this on, you can create a slope by mounding up dirt from the excavation of your preformed pond liner with a shovel, and then excavating the channel for the water to flow. Another alternative is to mound up rocks, leaving a channel for the water. To make this pile of rocks sturdier, cement them together using a mortar out of Quickrete that you mix with water in a bucket to form a paste. Apply this paste between the cracks of the rocks as you stack them together.

Place your water pump beneath the waterfall inside the preformed pond liner. Then run the tubing for your waterfall up the channel that the water will travel down and into the mouth of the channel.

Cover the channel and the tubing with a plastic pond lining or a preformed waterfall liner. Be certain to overlap the edge of the waterfall liner and the lip of the preformed waterfall so that the water falls into the pond.

Hide the liner by placing landscaping rocks around the edge of it and landscaping gravel inside the channel. Be careful that the liner does not pinch the pump tubing closed.

Disguise the edge of the waterfall by placing landscaping plants around the edges of it. Some popular plants for landscaping around a pool or waterfall include lilies, plantain lilies and ornamental grasses.