How to Remove Dermabond From Skin

Dermabond is a powerful adhesive designed to replace bandages and stitches. It's designed to fall off over time, but you can remove it yourself if needed. Consult a medical professional to be sure it should be removed.

If the Dermabond was applied within the past 45 seconds or so, you can just wipe it away.

Dermabond is designed to flake off on its own after about a week, so check to see whether it is.

Picking at Dermabond can help it come off. But stop if the picking is causing undue pain.

If the Dermabond really needs to come off, liberally apply vaseline or acetone and rub it in. This should loosen the bond with the skin and allow you to pull the Dermabond off.

Soak the area in warm water if the vaseline hasn't succeeded on its own.

If the Dermabond still doesn't come off, consult a doctor again instead of trying anything more drastic.

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