How to install a mesh grille on a jaguar x-type

An ideal exterior upgrade for the Jaguar X-Type or S-Type is swapping out the OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturer) grille for a chrome or stainless-steel mesh grille insert. The factory grille is made up of a series of unremarkable-looking plastic vertical slats that is surrounded by chrome plastic.

Replacing the plastic vertical slats with a mesh grille will give your Jaguar's front end a look that is more in keeping with the company's competition heritage.

Remove the four 10mm retaining bolts that hold the grille to the body. There are two on either side. These bolts are accessed from the back of the grille with the hood open. Place the grille on a workbench with something soft under it to avoid scratching it.

Remove the plastic panel with the vertical grille slats of the centre of the grille. This is fastened to the back of the plastic chrome grille surround. To remove this panel, flip over the grille and unscrew the plastic panel that is screwed onto the chrome grille surround. Use a Torx screwdriver. You will now have two pieces: the chrome grille surround and the plastic panel that makes up the centre of the grille.

Cut the vertical plastic slats off of the plastic panel that you removed from the back of the plastic chrome grille using the Dremel saw with a circular cutting blade. The slats will be replaced by the mesh grille, but the portion around the slats need to be retained to keep the new mesh in place. Do not damage the outside of the grille that surrounds the slats being cut off. After the slats are cut off, sand down any rough edges with sandpaper.

Test fit the new mesh insert. It should be pre-moulded to fit behind the chrome grille surround.

Since part of the plastic back piece that had the slats removed from it in Step 3 is visible through the mesh grille once it's installed, spray paint the back piece silver to help it blend in more.

Place the new mesh grille in between the original chrome grill surround and the backing plate that the slats were cut off of. Bolt the grille surround, new mesh grille and back panel back onto the car.