How to stop excessive blinking in children

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Young children can experience excessive blinking. The blinking is a form of habit tic that can be brought on by anxiety, boredom or fatigue. For such over-stimulant cases, no specific treatment might be necessary. If the blinking continues, it’s best to see an eye specialist to determine the cause, but you can try simple methods such as calming your child down. Causes of eye tics can also include withdrawal from medications, infections of the brain, magnesium deficiency and other neurological conditions; however, excessive blinking in children is usually benign.

When your child starts to blink excessively, relax them by having them sit down and rest their eyes. Try reading them a story or play a board game with them.

Give your child plenty of water when they are blinking. Try to sit them down to have a small snack, such as carrots or crackers. It’s important to not let your child have more soda drinks or sugary snacks during the blinking and for at least two hours after the blinking has reduced.

Give your child a zinc supplement every day. You can find chewable zinc at most local retail stores that sell vitamins. Zinc helps support the immune system and soothes the nervous system. Speak with your paediatrician prior to starting this supplement.

Give your child a hyoscyamus supplement. This herbal remedy has antispasmodic properties that help calm the nervous system and stop tics. Speak with your paediatrician prior to starting this supplement.

Take your child to an eye-care specialist if the blinking increases. There could be an underlying neurological problem or some other cause that should be determined as soon as possible.

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