How to send a fax to France

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Fax (short for facsimile) is an electronic device used to send copies of documents from one person or party to another. Because of its instantaneous delivery time compared to the lag of snail mail, it has become the preferred method to transfer signatures and documents that cannot be sent through e-mail.

Sending a fax to France is not difficult because all international faxes follow the same guidelines.

Find a fax machine that has international coverage. This could be in your workplace, or in a shop, or through an online service such as Fax Zero (see Resources).

Find out if you need to dial "9" first. Some businesses and institutions require 9 to be dialled in order to make a phone call or send a fax message.

Dial the international code for the country where you are calling from. If you are calling from the UK, the code is "00."

Dial the country code for France. This number is "33."

Dial the city code and local phone number for France. For example if you are faxing Paris, the city code would be "1." Press send and wait to see if the fax was successful or not.