How to remove print from a T-Shirt

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It is sometimes possible to remove iron-on transfer print from a T-shirt. While there are several ways to do this, none will remove professional printing. Assess your T-shirt to determine whether to try to remove unwanted print and, if it is possible, proceed with the process.

Iron removal

Place a bath towel on a flat work surface and lay the T-shirt onto the towel with the printing to be removed facing up. Place a sheet of waxed paper over the printing.

Plug in the iron and turn it onto the high cotton setting.

Iron the waxed paper to melt and loosen the printing. The heat of the iron should melt the printing onto the waxed paper. Continue applying the heat of the iron until the printing has melted sufficiently.

Work at the melted printing with a plastic knife to remove it completely from the T-shirt.

Place a bath towel on a flat work surface. Turn the T-shirt inside out and place it on the towel so that the backside of the printing is facing up.

Dip a cotton swab into the isopropyl alcohol and wipe the swab onto the backside of the T-shirt. Fully saturate all of the fabric area with the alcohol.

Allow the alcohol to soak into the fabric for approximately 20 seconds.

Turn the T-shirt right side out and work the printing loose with the plastic knife. Continue peeling away the printing with the knife to remove all of the printing.

If any printing does not loosen sufficiently the first time, repeat with more isopropyl alcohol .