How to buy hormone replacement therapy online

Tomas Petura/iStock/Getty Images

Ongoing research has produced conflicting reports about the benefits and risks associated with the use of HRT, but if you're more interested in quality of life than down-the-road possibilities, this article will help you find online sites offering pharmaceutical, herbal and other therapeutic options.

Visit your doctor. There are many different types of HRT and you need expert medical advice to decide which is the right form for your circumstances. If you need HRT following a hysterectomy, you will probably be recommended a specific oestrogen-based medicine as part of that treatment. Don't try to self-diagnose.

Choose from the many bio-identical hormone therapies earning rave reviews from celebrities. Bio-identicals don't require prescriptions and a variety of companies produce bHRT (or bio-HRT) compounds sold as transdermals and patches that relieve post-menopausal symptoms. Most are compounds of progesterone and phytoestrogen. Unfortunately, bHRT is usually only offered in private clinics in the UK and that could prove expensive.

Order herbal HRT therapies and vitamins via online sources. While reviews have been mixed, black cohosh, dong quai, soy isoflavones, red clover, vitamin B complex, vitamins C, D and E and other herbals provide the safe relief women seek as alternatives to prescribed drugs.

Head for cyberspace. All the major chemists chains in the UK have online shops and you can place your orders there. Some sites, like Health Express insist that you fill out a medical questionaire before they will sell you your medicine from their website.

Use caution if you're tempted to purchase your HRT medicines from international sources. If you have a friend or relative living overseas who has investigated the quality of formulations being produced in countries other than the UK, and you're able to save money by ordering from that country's pharmaceutical outlets, that's a judgment call you'll have to make. As you can buy all the major brands from UK websites, you would be better sticking with trusted sellers, who you can be sure will deliver.