How to Adjust the Governor on Club Car Golf Carts

Adjusting the governor on your Club Golf Cart can be an easy fix for getting that extra needed boost. This will explain how to do it a couple of different ways, but if you do, only do it temporarily. An extended length of time with increased rpms can cause trouble to your motor. If you are looking for more power all the time, you may want to look at upgrading your engine size.

The first step in adjusting the governor for your Club Golf Cart is to know exactly where it is. Lift the seat up and look at the inside. There will be a little metal rod, typically on the driver's side. It should be around 3 inches long.

This metal rod will be in the shape of a "T" and will be able to pivot. Pull back on the rod and you will see a little gap--insert the golf tee or pencil and let go. The rod should not move, creating more gas flow. This should increase your rpm rate, allowing the cart to move faster.

The second way to take the governor off takes a little more work will hold better than the other. There's a plastic shield or plate behind the seat of the cart. Remove that plate, which should be screwed in.

You will be looking at a different angle, but the piece will still look the same. Take your rubber band or string and tie one end to the rod and pull back just as before. Take the other end of the string and tie it to another piece under the cart. Unlike the golf tee, which has a tendency to slip out, this will create a more permanent fix. But remember, you only want to do this for short periods of time or run the risk in destroying the motor.

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