How to Make a Small Garden Pond in a Whiskey Half Barrel

Do it yourself homeowners are always looking for projects that will improve their homes and yards. Backyard ponds are a nice landscaping addition, and they are a project that anyone can take on. Half whiskey barrel ponds are a perfect starter project for those who want a pond.

The materials are inexpensive and the work does not require any special skills.

Purchase a half whiskey barrel and liner. These are both available at most lawn and garden stores, and also at major home improvement stores.

Drop the liner down inside in the barrel, and add a few inches of water. (Use water with no chlorine for your pond.) Add the redwood strips to the water and allow them to soak overnight.

Cut the strips to length so that they can be used to pin the liner against the barrel, all around its inner circumference. Secure the liner between the redwood strips and the barrel using stainless steel screws. Trim off the excess plastic at the top with a utility knife.

Fill the barrel with non-chlorinated water. Provide some "good" bacteria to your pond by adding bacteria starter (available at aquarium or pond supply stores). Dropping a lava rock in the bottom of the pond will give the bacteria a good surface on which to grow.

Add plants, fish, and snails to the pond as you like. Consider the roles of each of these when selecting them. There are plants that oxygenate the water, feed the fish, and float, just to name a few roles. Fish can be used to eat some of the plants in order to control their growth, and of course just for looks. Snails are often added to the pond to keep it clean.