How to decorate gazebos with tulle

Tulle is a very light, airy, see-through netting material made from silk, nylon, rayon or cotton. It is available in many colours, and can be adorned with sequins and beads, or it may have a shimmer. Tulle originated in the city of Tulle in southern France in the 18th century, when the area was a centre of lace and silk production. Tulle is most commonly used in clothing, for dresses and gowns, veils, ballet costumes (tutus are made with tulle), but is also used for decorations for special occasions such as weddings and celebratory events, as well as gift wrapping and crafts. A beautiful and transforming way to embellish a garden gazebo for a wedding or birthday party is to decorate it with tulle for a special effect.

Measure the gazebo height and width to figure out how much tulle to use to decorate the front entrance of the gazebo. Add the height times two (for each side) plus the width and multiply that by three to allow for draping and swag. If the gazebo is 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide, about 55 feet of tulle will be needed to decorate the gazebo's front. More tulle will be needed if bows are desired or if other areas of the gazebo will be decorated. Purchase the correct amount of tulle from a craft or fabric store.

Unroll the tulle from the roll or bolt to the full length, then fold it in half. Place it on a chair that is set in the middle of the gazebo entrance. Temporarily hang the tulle by its midpoint from the midpoint of the entrance by using a pushpin to affix it to the gazebo wood.

Spread the tulle to each corner of the entrance, not pulling tight but leaving it loose from the centre for soft draping. Using a pipe cleaner, encircle the material for one corner loosely with the pipe cleaner and tack it to the corner with a push pin. Do the same with the other corner. If the gazebo has any decorative wood extending from the walls or corner pieces that material can be wrapped or draped on instead of using nails or pins, then hang it loosely at each corner. If not, push in the push pins securely and twist the pipe cleaners on them to hang the tulle.

Unpin the tulle from the middle of the entrance to let hang in a swag, or leave securely pinned for twin swags.The tulle hanging on each side of the entrance can be left hanging down in long, flowing lengths or can be pinned up in bunches or swirls for more decorative effect.

Make two large, simple tulle bows with pipe cleaners twisted in the middle and either pin or use pipe cleaners to affix each bow to the corners.

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