How to Remove White Stains from a Crystal Decanter

Your crystal decanter has a ring of white stains inside, and no matter what you use you can't get it clean. Crystal is a delicate type of glass, and you'll be relieved to learn you can remove those white stains with a couple of common household ingredients that you probably already have in your cupboard. With a good soaking and an organic scrubbing, before you know it your crystal decanter will be sparking like new.

Pour two cups vinegar into the decanter, making sure the stains are completely covered with vinegar. Allow to stand 24 hours.

Empty half of the vinegar out and add one tablespoon white rice to the decanter.

Cover the top of the decanter with the palm of your hand and shake vigorously, using a side-to-side motion and turning the decanter several times to allow the rice to scrub all surfaces.

Drain the crystal decanter of vinegar and rice and rinse thoroughly.

Add two cups ammonia, taking care not to breathe the fumes. Allow to stand overnight and then repeat the rice scrubbing process. All of the white stain residue will be gone from your crystal decanter; wash it in soapy water, rinse and dry.

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