How to Relieve Middle Ear Mucus Naturally

A middle ear infection is a condition commonly occurring in children that is often caused by either a viral or bacterial infection. Other factors that may cause middle infections include allergies, sinus problems and respiratory issues.

The Eustachian tubes become clogged, causing mucus build-up in the middle ear, which can cause pain, pressure, inflammation and difficulty hearing. If your child has been diagnosed with this ailment, your doctor will probably suggest putting him or her on an antibiotic to clear up the infection. Should you choose to take a more naturopathic approach, however, there are options you can consider.

Elevate your child's head at night. You can do this by putting several pillows under the child's head, so that it is raised higher in the bed. Doing so will encourage drainage of the ears, reducing pressure and pain.

Try serving your child some warm echinacea tea. This herb comes from a plant that Native Americans have long utilised for medicinal reasons. It is antimicrobial in nature and helps to fight infections and their symptoms. Echinacea should only be used for a short period of time. You should not give your child this herb if he or she has an allergy to ragweed, daisies or marigolds or suffers from an autoimmune disease. You can find echinacea tea in health food stores.

Solve the problem with garlic. Slightly warm up a little garlic oil and drip a small amount of it into the affected ear. Repeat this every 3 hours. It can effectively help to clear up symptoms related to a middle ear infection and help to thin mucus. Make sure that the oil is only warm and not hot, so as not to cause injury. You should be able to find garlic oil at a health food store. You should always keep a bottle of it on hand, in the event future middle ear infections occur.

Take the route of homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies that are commonly used to treat ear infections include Hepar sulphurs calcareum, Mercurius, Belladonna, Chamomilla, Kali muriaticum and Ferrum phosphoricum. These can help ease symptoms, eliminate mucus and prevent the condition from recurring. Consult your homeopathic practitioner about the best remedy to use and about the appropriate strength and dosage to administer. Many homeopathic remedies can be obtained at health food stores.

Set up a vaporiser in your child's room. It aids in moisturising the air and the steam coming from it can cause the mucus inside the ear to liquefy, so that it drains more easily. Vaporisers can be found at any drugstore.