How to Decorate for an Indiana Jones Party

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Ever since its first production, the Indiana Jones franchise has been wildly successful. Kids of all ages enjoy watching the films and emulating Indy himself, down to the fedora hat and whip. Indiana Jones birthday party decorations are easy and fun to put together, and they result in a party kids will never forget.

Indy hats make great chip bowls!

Create a theme table as the focal point of the party. Set up a large table and cover it with a dark green or brown tablecloth. On the centre of the table, place an Indiana Jones-themed cake (if necessary, order a cake with jungle vines and place an Indiana Jones action figure in the centre). Underneath the cake, place a bed of silk green leaves, and wrap a vine garland around the edge of the cake plate or platter. Find an Indiana Jones toy set (action figures or Legos) to display on the table.

Hang vine garlands in varying lengths to give the illusion of a jungle. Hang vine garlands and plastic leaves around the door frame through which party guests enter. Find a recording of jungle sounds and run it continuously.

Line the hats with foil, tissue, napkins or waxed paper. Fill with party snacks, such as chips and pretzels.

Stack paper cake plates, napkins and plastic forks on the theme table; scatter plastic bugs and snakes over the table top. Find gold or yellow plastic goblets for drinking glasses to serve as "holy grails".

Lego Jones

Spray paint "Property of U.S. Gov't" on the wooden crate and "Fragile: Ark" on the side. Fill the crate with party favours, such as rubber or plastic whips, rubber snakes, brown felt hats, toy binoculars and toy compasses.

Where's the grail?

Create a trail of luminary bags throughout the house using paper bags and LED flameless tea lights. Draw and cut skull faces out of the front of luminary bags, and light them before guests arrive.

Fill in the remainder of the house with green crepe paper streamers hanging from the ceiling, dark green helium-filled balloons and dark brown streamers.

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