How to Make Bows Out of Ribbon


Bows are a decorative addition to clothing, gifts, hair accessories, and anywhere else that needs a little sprucing up. Bows are sold in craft or fabric stores, and can be purchased in many colours, textures, sizes, and styles. If you plan on using bows, you can also make them yourself. Making your own bows will allow you to choose what yours will look like. Making bows from ribbon is an art and your skills will improve over time.

Lay out your three yards of ribbon, and pinch it about 8 inches from the end of your ribbon. Keep your hold on the ribbon and make a loop by grabbing your ribbon at a point five inches closer to the centre of the ribbon. Bring that section into your hold, above your thumb. You should now be holding one loop.

While still holding your first loop, grab a section five inches past your last pinch. Bring that section into your hold as well. You are now holding two loops above your thumb. Repeat the same process twice more, but hold the loops below your thumb.

Wrap the remaining ribbon once around the centre of your hold. Secure the bow with bow making wire, and leave a tail. Your first tail is the eight inch section left alone before your first pinch. Adjust the look of your bow by arranging the loops the way you like them. You can also style the ribbon tails by cutting a small "V-shape" at the ends.

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