How to increase estrogen levels

Oestrogen levels are important to the health of both men and women, but increasing oestrogen levels can be especially crucial for women. When a woman reaches menopause, oestrogen levels decline, resulting in hot flushes, loss of sexual desire, fatigue and depression.

For men suffering from low oestrogen levels, the main concern is developing low bone mineral density, according to a study published in the American Journal of Medicine and conducted by Dr. Shreyasee Amin and his colleagues from the Mayo Clinic. You can learn steps to increase your oestrogen levels naturally.

Add MacaActive herbal supplement to your diet. MacaActive is a vegetable plant from Peru that balances the body's hormones naturally. According to Dr. Hugo Malaspina, MacaActive helps the ovaries and endocrine glands produce oestrogen in women whose levels have dropped. He has 200 patients whose menopausal symptoms have been improved after taking MacaActive.

Add organic soy products to your diet. Soy can help to balance your hormone levels. Adding organic soy products can be an effective way to treat oestrogen loss in men.

Add flaxseed to your diet. Grind them with a coffee grinder and sprinkle them on your cereal, yoghurt and in your drinks. Flaxseed has oestrogen-like properties and can help relieve menopausal symptoms by acting as an oestrogen replacement.

Start a regular yoga practice. The poses you do in yoga stimulate the adrenals and help your body to regulate hormone levels, including oestrogen levels.

Eat a healthy diet. This is crucial if you want to increase oestrogen levels because eating a healthy diet means your body and your endocrine system are getting what they need to function properly and increase oestrogen levels.