How to make a "Phantom of the Opera" mask

MaximShebeko/iStock/Getty Images

The "Phantom of the Opera" is an old story that has been made into a popular West End musical as well as several different films. The key prop or costume piece in these productions is the Phantom's mask. This mask has a very distinct look and will make or break your "Phantom of the Opera" costume.

Fortunately a "Phantom of the Opera" mask is rather simple to make from inexpensive materials.

Cover your entire right eyebrow with paper, then cover the paper with duct tape to protect the eyebrow while making the mask.

Duct tape your face's entire upper right portion, avoiding the eye and hairline. Make sure the tape moulds into your face's crevices.

Add a second layer of duct tape. Gently peel pff the mask, making sure it keeps its shape.

Use scissors to round out the mask's shape and cut the eye hole.

Spray paint the outside of the mask white. To wear the mask -- even after the adhesive of the tape has worn off -- place several dots of rubber cement all over the right side of your face, forehead, cheek, nose and next to your hairline. Stick the mask on your face and press it into the rubber cement spots.