How to make bedding for a Moses basket Images

A Moses basket is a great way to keep your baby comfortable and close by when he is small. These baskets are often treasured heirlooms or gifted from one mother to another, which can mean that you may have a beautiful Moses basket, but slightly sub-par bedding if it has been used a time or two in the past.

If you love your Moses basket but would like your baby to have his own personal bedding, then just make a replacement using things you probably already have in your sewing basket.

Make your fitted sheet pattern. Using a pencil and the sheet of newspaper, trace around the oval pad in the basket. Add 7.5 cm (3 inches) all around the tracing. Cut the oval from the newsprint; this is your fitted sheet pattern.

Make the bumper pad pattern. You need the circumference and depth of the basket for this. Once you have these, draw a long rectangle the same length as the circumference of the basket and a height the same as the depth of the basket. Add 2.5 cm (1 inch) to each side. You will need two of these rectangles to create the bumper pad. Cut these from the newsprint; these are your bumper pad patterns.

Cut out your pieces of fabric. You should have patterns for two matching, long rectangles and a large oval. Using the patterns, cut your three pieces of fabric.

Cut the quilt batting so that it will fit inside the bumper pad. You can use the original rectangle measurements (before you added the 2.5 cm) for the batting.

Sew the bumper pad. Place the two rectangles so that the pattern sides of the fabric are facing inward. Using a zigzag stitch to prevent ravelling, sew the top and both sides of the rectangle before flipping it right-side out so that the pattern is showing. Do not sew the bottom yet.

Stuff the batting into the bumper pad. Insert it into the bottom of the pad. Make sure it is lying flat. If you do not think it is fluffy enough, you can add a second layer of batting before sewing up the bottom of the bumper pad. At this point, you will have a long bumper pad that will fit snugly around the interior of your Moses basket.

Attach ribbon ties to the top of the bumper pad. The top is the side that has no visible stitching. On the back of the pad (this can be either side, but once you choose it stick with the same side). Cut six ribbons each about 55 cm (22 inches) long. Fold them in the middle and stitch along the fold, then sew them to the bumper about one inch from the top, so you have two loose ends that you can use to tie around the top of the Moses basket to hold your bumper pad securely in place.

Sew the elastic into the oval piece of fabric. Lay the elastic on the underside of the oval and fold the fabric over it. Use a zigzag stitch to sew the elastic in. You will need to work your way around the oval in pieces, turning the piece of fabric as you go and holding the elastic in place until you have completely sewn it in and fixed the two ends together with several additional stitches.

Place the fitted oval sheet around the pad in the bottom of the basket. The elastic will hold it in place. Insert the bumper pad and tie the ribbons around the upper rim of the basket. Now your Moses basket is ready to use.