How to Fix a Water Leakage in a Ford Focus

The Focus is a popular compact car sold by Ford Motor Company. Since its introduction in 2001, the Focus has proven to be a reliable vehicle. Despite this, no vehicle is perfect. Every car will eventually require some type of repair.

Water leakage is common as vehicles age and is usually due to loose or weathered window seals.

Raise all of your windows to their most upright position. Turn the engine off and have a friend stay in the Focus. Thoroughly spray the vehicle down, with a concentration on the windows and doors. Ask your friend to look closely to determine where the water is leaking from.

Inspect the window seals for the door(s) in question. Inspect the sunroof seal if your Focus is equipped with the sunroof and the water is coming from it. A seal that has popped off can usually be reattached. Water leakage is commonly caused by loose seals.

Replace the seals if they appear damaged. Over the years, seals will naturally wear out and require replacement. Replacing a window seal requires no tools; the seals attach to the window by a clip mounted around the door. Pull the old seal off and attach the new one to replace.