How to Make a Horsehair Bracelet

horse hair image by Wolfgang Zintl from

Horsehair, taken from the mane and tail of a horse, provides you with a durable, long and thick fibre that can be introduced to a number of fashionable accessories. Making horsehair jewellery adds a rustic touch to your look, especially when you display an assortment of bracelets.

Making a horsehair bracelet at home proves to be an easy task that ends in a fashionable and bohemian-style jewellery piece.

Straighten the 1-inch-thick strand of horsehair and tie one end securely into a small tight knot.

Squeeze a small amount of glue into the hollow end of a toggle jewellery fixture. Make sure to select a fixture with a hollowed area in which to insert thick jewellery.

Insert the knotted end of the horsehair into the glued jewellery fixture. Allow up to 10 minutes for the glue to dry.

Separate the 1-inch-thick strand of horsehair into three separate strands of equal size.

Slide a bead of your choice up the length of the central strand of horsehair. Make sure the bead slides all the way to the jewellery fixture.

Cross one of the side strands of horsehair over the central strand and repeat by crossing the other side strand, allowing it to overlap the first side. This creates a braid.

Continue to braid the horsehair for 3 inches.

Slide a second bead of your choice up the central strand of hair until the bead meets the last plait of the braid snugly.

Braid the hair beneath the bead for another 3 inches.

Slide a third bead up the central strand of horsehair. Braid the final bit of hair beneath it.

Glue the free end into the other end of the hollowed toggle jewellery fixture and allow the bracelet 10 minutes to dry.