How to make a picture frame stand

If you have old picture frames that used to hang on a wall, they most likely do not have a stand attachment in the back. It is very easy to create your own picture frame stand in a matter of minutes using just a few simple materials. To create support for tabletop picture frames, use a dowel rod.

This can be purchased from any craft or home improvement store, and is adequate for both pre-made and handmade photo frames.

Remove the glass and photograph from the frame before beginning. Make sure the frame is at least 1 inch deep, 2 inches tall and made of wood.

Attach the rebating bit to the electric drill.

Drill a 3/8-inch rebate into the back of the picture frame about 1/2-inch deep. The rebate should be centred at the bottom of the back of the frame. Make sure there is an adequate margin of space around the rebate.

Saw the dowel rod down so it's 3 inches long.

Insert the dowel rod into the rebate.